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..My name is Graham Archibald Hardie and I am thirty five years old. I am currently living in the west end of Glasgow. I have been writing poetry since I left University in 1997. I have an MA Honours Degree in Sociology and Social Policy. I spent seven years of my childhood in Nigeria and then I lived with my family in Helensburgh until I left home when I was seventeen. I attended The Glasgow Academy for six years and this is where my interest in poetry began. My poetic influences include Ted Hughes, Patti Smith, Rupert Brooke and Michael Longley. The critic Andy Manders said I wrote about "love, pain and consciousness" . My favourite book of poems is "Crow" by Ted Hughes. I have an interest in the Tarot, Astrology and the symbolism of myths, legend and nature. Also there is a sense of urban realism in some of my poetry which is indicative of the environment I have lived in. I admire the novels of Camus, Sartre, Octave Mirbeau, Thomas Hardy, Orwell, Laurie Lee and the "Outsider" by Colin Wilson and I am interested in the art of Turner, Picasso, Monet, Rembrant, El Greco and Jacques Louis David. I remember writing some of the lyrics of a U2 song on the album Joshua Tree into an English essay for school and this was a time when I first became aware of the power and significance of words to express the deepest of emotions; furthermore, Led Zeppelin were to shape my early sense of the ability of language to convey the true meaning of life, love and loss. Finally my poetry has religious overtones which represents my faith in a divine being and the spiritual awareness of the journey I have been on so far.


Graham Hardie's first collection of poems, "Love's Pathos" available now from Ettrick Forest Press.


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